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Unlimited Money Back Guarantee

At Prodrive Insurance, we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their decision to join us. For any reason, if you are unsatisfied, and /or changed your mind anytime during your insurance policy is in active status, we want you to write and tell us. We will cancel your policy as of the date we receive your letter and refund the full amount of the unused premium to you - no questions asked. All you need to do is write, “cancel as of (include your name, policy number, insurance company name, and date)”, sign and mail it back with your letter. We will cancel your policy and gladly refund the entire unused premium you paid - no questions asked. No hard feelings, either. This offer is void if any claims have been, or are to be, made under the policy.


 Total Client Satisfaction Guarantee

 Our goal at Prodrive Insurance is to take the hassle out of buying insurance. We want to educate you on what you are buying, and you to understand completely the coverage you have purchased and what it will do for you. The only reason we have been in the insurance business for so long, is because of loyal, satisfied customers like you. If you have any questions or comments, please call our corporate office at 1-800-397-3748. We attest that our Unlimited Money Back Guarantee was created from our commitment to give you unparalleled service, and satisfaction.


 Value Added Referral Rewards

We do understand that providing our customers with value -added services is the key to maintain a long term relationship. Therefore, our services don’t stop at insuring you. We gladly offer roadside assistance memberships making sure that our customers are safe on the road whether you have Flat Tire or you need tow! If you are satisfied, and happy with our service not only we care about you, but also we will reward you, and reward your friends when you refer them to Pro Drive insurance? ‘That is right’!! And the more people you refer the more rewards you receive. Refer a friend and receive a Free Annual Roadside Assistance membership for your primary vehicle.

Thank You!

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